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Mar 16th, 2009. Filed under Articles/Stories.

3.05-M Pinoys in US; 300,000 are Illegals - US Census Bureau Estimate

Illegal immigrants from the Philippines do not
cross the Mexican border at night. They can
scam a visa from the US Embassy Manila.

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                    Philippine passport scams
     There are millions of fraudulent but valid passports. This is because millions of Philippine citizens work as overseas workers, and countries such as Japan, Korea and some countries in the Middle East only allow overseas workers to work 1 or 2 years in their countries. So many of these workers use the birth certificate of another person and they may pay this person $25 or $50, and apply for another passport with this birth certificate. In the Philippines most adults do not have a driver license with photo, so how can the Philippine government know who the person really is. Many Filipinos have several passports because anyone can apply for a Philippine passport. I have talked with travel agents who often times process a passport application, and they are certain that a foreigner could obtain a Philippine passport all they need is money, photos and a birth certificate. In the Philippines even a blind man can obtain a driver license by going to a fixer, according to a TV News report on Channel 7.
report terrorism plans
FBI MANILA 02-523-10010
                               The Maginot line for terrorists 
     The US Embassy Manila may talk often about the possibility of terrorism, but there is little action other than talk. For example, on their website they urge people to report any information concerning visa fraud, but they supply no method to supply information. Are informants suppose to contact your Embassy operator and be connected to several of your Tagalong speaking hired help that connects you to others until you finally are disconnected.

     Since many Filipinos do not want to deal with the PNP (military police) any more than Germans once did not want to deal with the gestapo, there should be an e-mail address to report visa fraud or terrorism. But, the Embassy is not really interested in these issues except to make speeches or blow smoke.
                               US State Department
     I received an e-mail ( check e-mail ) supporting  my expression of views on this website. I will continue to speak on issues concerning terrorism and illegal immigrants, and I will represent the views of  the American people of both parties, and the bureaucrats can represent their views. The State Department even encouraged me to expand the scope of my views.


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